Duel Battery Systems


Power management is one of the most important things to consider when running accessories such as fridges and lights etc. from your vehicle. Adding a Duel Battery System to your vehicle is a must to prevent total drain of the start battery.  This allows you to run all your accessories from a second battery, leaving the start battery ready to get you going when you’re ready.

Ontrack Automotive fits Duel Battery Systems using a Redarc Smart Start Battery Isolator or Redarc BC/DC 1240 Charger (depending on vehicle requirements), and additional Deep Cycle Battery with power point/plugs as required.

The Redarc Smart Start Battery Isolator prevents the power draining from the start battery when accessories are in use and then allows the accessory battery to charge when it senses the alternator charging.


The Redarc BC/DC 1225 or 1240 Charger. Most late model vehicles require a charger rather than an isolator due to the factory tech smart alternators. These chargers can also handle solar input to charge while the vehicle engine is shut down. No need for solar regulator, the BC/DC charger does it all.